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         Personal Consultation: This is the natal chart consultation giving insight into life patterns, lessons and growth. This is the blueprint, the foundation of your life. This session will give information from the Western Astrology chart, as well as, the Hindu Astrology chart. We will discuss areas pertinent to your life and life lessons.  This session will touch on every area of life such as love, career, family, talents etc. but it will be general information. This will include current transits and progressions to show the planetary influences that are at work.


         His Needs/Her Needs: This is the personal consultation but focuses more on what type of partner you're attracted to. What type of mate will be best suited for you to be fulfilled in relationships. Looking at what's blocking or hindering you from having successful relationships. The personal consultation will give a general overview of your life, talents, patterns and lessons. However,  this session will provide much more in-depth information about your relationship patterns and what has been hindering you from being in the relationship you desire. It will show why you keep being attracted to the same individuals. It will provide information about times of increased activity in your love life and discuss marriage potential. 


        Vocational/Life Purpose Consultation and Financial Snapshot: Learning about what you're called to do is essential for your well-being. Vocation is about how we find meaning in living not how we are making our living.  This is about "the invitation to follow the course of one's passion" ~Brian Clark 


This package is more focused on vocation/career. In this session you will learn more about your purpose, your talents, skills, money potential. Times of career changes, promotions, responsibilities will be reviewed. Do you have the billionaire aspect? Will you earn your money owning a business or from your spouse?  Do you have a hard time holding onto money? Will you have a lot of debt? Find the connection between your career and money in your chart.


      Six month forecast: "What is Going on In My Life": A consultation providing information of astrological cycles and how they may be impacting your life. This consult may help to see upcoming trends in your life. Is this a good time for a new love relationship? Will I get a promotion, find a job? Are there new opportunities coming up? Will there be a big move? This is only for returning clients coming for updates.


​       Couples Consultation: Do you want to know if he is a good match for you? Is this something lasting or a fling? What are the challenges you need to overcome to make the relationship work? This consultation provides information on the dynamics of your relationship but also your individual needs and wants and whether you can meet those needs for the other person. There are many components to review such as intellectual or emotional connection, as well as, whether you two can work together and support each other and each other's goals, just to name a few. We will delve deep into your relationship and your relationship habits and patterns that affect your relationship. This is for people who are seriously dating or in a relationship and want to take things to the next level. 



     Match Making Package: Do want to avoid wasting your time in the dating world? Let me help you weed through people who may not be a good match for you. If you have had a Natal Consultation or His Needs/Her Needs consultation with me then this is putting all of that information to the test. Send me your potential matches or dates and let's see which ones will be a better fit for you. This will allow you to learn about your connection quicker and ask the right questions to see if this is the person for you. I DO NOT FIND MATCHES FOR YOU


You can send up to 3 matches per month. This will provide brief information about your connection and whether this is a good fit for you. This is NOT a couple's consultation. You will need at least your potential date's birthday. Once I receive the information. we will schedule a 10-15 minute phone call. If you do not use all 3 matches they do not carry over. You can choose a monthly plan or pay for each match. 

This is match making with an astrological twist. 

Coaching: Astrology can provide so much information that it's impossible to talk about everything in one session. It is a lot of information to go over in one session. Most of my clients have many questions afterwards and want more clairifying information after they've processed everything that was said.  Coaching allows us to process this information one step at a time and will allow for questions and ways to work through things that are coming up or to work through what a person is dealing with. Learn how to creatively respond vs. just reacting to what life is throwing at you so that you can get the best outcome for your life. 

Contact me for more information


Please feel free to email if you have questions before booking a service

****Appointments may be subject to change (due to unforeseen circumstances). You will be notified to reschedule and refunded if requested

All astrology readings encourage you to have an accurate birth time for more accurate and precise information. If you do not have a birth time, understand the information will be limited but still insightful. If you have questions on how to find out your birth time feel free to email me.

Readings are for personal development, spiritual guidance and entertainment only and are not intended as a replacement for medical, financial or legal assistance.






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