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About Me

Hello, I'm Marquita but some call me Sunshine. I'm a professional astrologer, and a certified life and relationship coach. I've been learning and practicing astrology for 16 years, professionally for 7 years.  I've undergone extensive training and have graduated from an astrology school. I've completed numerous graduate counseling courses, as well as, undergone life, spiritual, relationship and Ennegram certification programs

Astrology is a passion of mine; it is a gift. Astrology and coaching helps me to live out my purpose. My goal is to always help people find their happiness and become the best version of themselves. What better way to do that than to enlighten people through this ancient art, along with coaching. It's my mission to illuminate the world one chart, one reading, one session at a time. Astrology has helped me understand myself, my relationships, my life and my purpose. I want others to have the same understanding and knowledge so they can live a fulfilling life and maximize their potential for greatness.  

I've always been told and strongly believe that we're spiritual beings having a human experience. Self-awareness is the key to understanding who you are, what you want and what you're meant to be and once you understand that you will understand the support of the universe all around you.

" Astrology is like a kiss, you have to share it to enjoy it."

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