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Astrological insight into karmic destiny, life patterns and environmental relationships enable us to more consciously make choices and intelligently exercise free will. It is important to learn how to use the energies in our chart in the best possible way."What you're aware of you're in control of; what you're not aware of is in control of you."  

stop worrying


Having an astrology consultation can help answer many questions about life. You may be wondering when is a good time to look for a job? Should I be an entrepreneur? When will I marry? How will married life be? Will I get a promotion? Astrology provides insight into matters of money, relationships, children, lifestyle choices, career and spiritual development. Astrology is a helpful tool for understanding the evolution of life and the astrological clock. It's there to give you guidance about your life's blueprint, how you experience life and how you can make changes to live the life you've been wanting.


Have you ever heard of the saying, "Don't be scared, be prepared?" The cycles described in your natal chart can help you prepare for challenging times and even help you take advantage of more prosperous times. With accurate information an astrologer can help you during these times.





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Astrology is a language, if you understand this language, the sky speaks to you ~Dane Rudhyar

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This has been a very insightful experience. Marquita is friendly, practical, and thorough.




Your Greatest Self.


You're more than your sun sign. Each planet in your chart has a profound effect on how you behave in certain areas of your life. Your sun sign is your will or your ego. However, your Ascendant sign shows how you first appear to others; your Moon sign describes your emotions or desires, how you respond in crisis situations; Mercury will show how you communicate and think about things and Venus shows how you love and receive love. It's important for you to become aware of these qualities you exhibit so you can best optimize opportunities and improve your interactions with others.






I was going through a rough patch when I talked with Marquita. She provided information that helped me to understand what I was feeling. Although it didn't completely take the pain away I found peace in knowing the pain was temporary and things would get better soon.




Marquita confirmed a lot for me. It all makes sense now. With this information I feel more confident in making my decision.








One of the ways you can achieve this is by having a natal chart consultation. A natal horoscope is the blueprint of your life; the foundation or a framework to which everything that occurs in your life is attached. Learn how to play the hand you were dealt and win. Understand more about your strengths and weaknesses, embrace your talents and skills and get the confirmation about the goals you're been thinking about.




I love talking to her. She is very down to earth. I did this for fun and didn't really think I would get much out of it but this has been an eye opening experience




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