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Relationship Compatibility, Karma and Longevity

Throughout the years I have met people who I thought I would marry and I have counseled people who thought they met the love of their what happened why didn't it work. Well many times these individuals have stronger ties to other people or karma they still have to workout with them. For example, I knew this guy from my younger years and we reconnected as adults. When we reconnected he was married with children. We instantly knew we were suppose to be together and the love was strong between us. Although his wife was not his ideal type, there were connections in the birthchart that still needed to be worked out between the two so he could not leave her. Circumstances caused him to move to another state which severed our ties. We have a sun/north node connection which indicates this love/connection will be worked out in future lifetimes.

Many times you meet someone where there is an instant attraction such as a sun/venus conjunction and feel this person is the love of your life. However, if there are no strong saturn ties binding it or holding it together, this may not last. There may be a physical attraction but not enough there to sustain or stablize a relationship. Having some conjunctions to the angles is great as well.

When looking at relationship compatibility, it is important that your personal planets are within orb or at least in the same signs. Trines and conjunctions are excellent for mutual understanding, the squares to planets will make things difficult and inconjunct planets will require work. For example, having Mercury in the same sign or element means you have the same communication style, even if they are not in orb, you still understand each other. If they square you two will find it difficult in understanding how each other communicates. Also, you will attract what you don't have or what you need. So if all of your personal planets are on fire, what or earth signs you may attract someone who has a lot of air to balance you out. Now this will be difficult because naturally you may not understand how the air sign operates but it is what you to make you whole.

If you want to know how you and your lover match up. Contact me for a consultation

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