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"Autumn embraces change even as she is falling to pieces"

I love the fall season, it is so representative of life. This picture is representative of life. Life is full of change, transitions, choices, different paths, beauty, serenity, messiness, cleanups, falling, death and renewal. The leaves change colors, they fall, we have to clean the leaves from our yards or our paths, then wait for the trees to blossom again. But while waiting for them to blossom again, there is another season that is essential before that blossoming can happen. For now, we'll stick with autumn. Another reason I love this time is because it is eclipse season. Today is the day of the lunar eclipse at 5 Taurus! The eclipses have been in the Scorpio/Taurus axis since 2021 and this is the last one in this axis until 2040, sheeeshh that is crazy to think about. I feel like we were just dancing into the 99/00s.

If you're being hit by this Lunar eclipse it's about culmination, a climatic point of something. It's a place or point you may have been trying, fighting, struggling to get to. It's time to decide to go in a particular direction, to decide on a path. Autumn has come and there has been change, transitions and a falling away of some sort. This eclipse is urging, nudging you to embrace this change and decide on a path you know you've needed to be on, but there has probably been some resistance or hesitation. I read another quote that said, autumn is the season that teaches use change is beautiful. I was sitting in the park last week and it was one of the most beautiful views I've seen. I was in my happy place. It reminded me of how beautiful life could be if we could be comfortable with change. That is the only constant thing in life. Now I'm not going to lie, change is scary to think about but it also helps us to live in the moment. I don't like Uranus kind of change that is sudden and unexpected but Pluto change I can handle, I'm comfortable with Pluto.

Like the fall, Pluto represents death and rebirth. It's the co-ruler of Scorpio which is part of this eclipse. When you think of Pluto change, it's change we can see happening, it's slow but it's powerful. Think of Pluto's change like a pregnancy, it takes 9 months of gestation before a baby is born. There are so many changes happening within the body that is slow but growth is happening. It's life changing, it's scary, your life will never be the same after having a child. This eclipse is the culmination of giving birth. It's a change you knew was coming, that you may or may not have been ready for but it's here. Now you have to decide what type of parent are you going to be or if we can go a little deeper decide whether you want to be a parent at all. Are you going to decide not to transition or change from your old life/lifestyle and decide to give the baby up for adoption or are you going to keep the child and embrace the new you, your new life? Regardless of what you decide, you can't change the fact that your life has been changed forever. Your body will never be what it once was, your thought process will be different, the old you is gone even if you try to hold on.

This new path can bring great rewards. Jupiter is with this eclipse, so there is opportunity, luck and blessings attached to it. This can be surprisingly great, greater than what you've imagined. Mercury and Mars is with it as well so there will be a lot of thinking and talking through this and Mars means taking action. Mars is strong in Scorpio but its not like an Aries Mars which is very assertive and quick to make an executive decision. This energy is understanding, probing, thinking about hidden meanings, it is very intentional, purposeful and perceptive. So when you do decide on a path, it will be a very intentional and thought out decision. And if you follow the opportunities Jupiter has presented to you, your life can be full, abundant, vibrant, breathtaking and serene just like the trees during a sunny, autumn day.

With Autumn comes falling leaves. Who doesn't hate seeing your yard full of leaves and trees barren or looking scarce. We are reminded that winter is coming. How could something so beautiful turn into something so bitter and cold. What I want to remind you of is those falling leaves has benefits and are necessary. The fallen leaves provide organic material for the soil, it is vital to soil health. Leaves can form a natural mulch that suppresses weeds and fertilizes soil for the spring when the flowers are blooming again. Also, caterpillars and other animals can use these leaves for food and shelter, now who doesn't want to see caterpillars turn into butterflies in the spring. Now that is a message in and of itself. My point is, as autumn is falling in pieces, it is nourishing the soul, it is providing a place for things to transform, to soar and it can help things to blossom again. Autumn and this eclipse can do the same for you, if you are willing to embrace the change and direction that is being presented to you.

Love and light,



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