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2020 Coronavirus: Could we have seen this coming?

On December 31st I'm sure we all proclaimed 2020 would be a great year. We knew there was going to be changes, this was the end of a decade and the beginning of a new one. We were all excited. Who knew this was what we were in store for. But there were clues and many astrology predictions but no one paid close attention. I mean we all heard about the Great Conjunction between Jupiter/Saturn and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction but what did that mean? What happened in the past when these planets came into alignment with each other? My teacher, my friend, Joanna Watters said people were just focused on the impact the Saturn/Pluto conjunction had on the economy, finances or government. But we never thought about what would cause this kind of impact on the economy. With her experience, she knew it would be more to the story. But how did we not prepare for this or could we have prepared for this? Should every president have an astrologer like Ronald Reagan did?

I don't typically get into mundane astrology but this has fascinated me. This pandemic and economic crisis across the world has drawn me in, I guess that's what happens when you are ordered to stay in the house. Anyway, let's take a look at the history of Saturn/Pluto, Jupiter/Pluto and Saturn/Uranus and how it's impacted our county and the world. Saturn/Pluto which represents breaking down old structures and the transformation process. Saturn is structure and Pluto is transformation/death. It's letting go of the old way of doing things and starting anew. Saturn represents government and Pluto represents economy as well. Kelli Fox states that Saturn/Pluto aspects mean recession and war which appears to be an accurate picture because we are at war with an invisible enemy and we're inching towards a recession. I would add that Saturn/Uranus brings recession, war or pandemics as well when we look at history. Uranus brings a shock to government or political structures which impacts the economy. So either of these transits occurring will or can be detrimental to our government and economy. I'm going to choose a few dates to look at in history that had these transits.

Let's start in 1914, it was the start of World War I. This was the first time there was mass death from a war. Transiting Saturn made a conjunction to Transiting Pluto in September1914 in early Cancer which was conjunct natal Venus in the United States Chart. Although, this was the start of WWI, the U.S. did not enter the war just yet but with Saturn/Pluto aspecting Venus and Jupiter (Jupiter ruling the 1st house), the U.S. was definitely going to join. And by the way, if you have Venus and Jupiter in gifted aspects in your natal chart, especially in a money house and good placements such as Cancer, Pisces, or Taurus, lucky for you!

By 1917, the U.S. declared War on Germany and guess what transiting Saturn was now conjunct natal Pluto for the U.S. There is the Saturn/Pluto connection again. Then what do you know, after WWI comes to an end, in 1918 transiting Saturn opposes transiting Uranus (transiting Uranus is conjunct USA's natal Moon) so we knew the U.S. would be directly affected by this and it was going to be a shock and panic across the U.S. and even the world. The Influenza pandemic occurs, sounds familiar?

Let's jump to early 1930, transiting Saturn is square transiting Uranus around 7-8 degrees of Capricorn and Aries which is both hitting a little past the USA's Venus and Jupiter. This was the start of the Great Depression. The stock market tanked. Pay attention to this Saturn/Uranus aspect because there may be a resemblance of this in early 2021. But it won't touch a natal planet in USA's chart so will we be spared? It will aspect our nodes though, I guess we'll have to watch closely.

When WWII started in 1939 transiting Saturn was square USA's natal Pluto. Now not all Saturn/Pluto connections are bad so I don't want to scare you but it does indicate significant things for the economy. For example, 1946/1947 transiting Saturn conjunct transiting Pluto in Leo. During these years was the baby boomers era, the Cold War was happening but nothing as devastating and WWI & II. Jackie Robinson became 1st African American to play in major league baseball and Queen Elizabeth married Prince Phillip (just wanted to throw that in there).

So in 1982/83 Saturn was conjunct Pluto in Libra which was square USA's natal Pluto. During these times it was the highest rate of unemployment since 1940, over 11 million people were unemployed. Legislation had to sign a bill to rescue the Social Security System from bankruptcy and this was the start of the AIDs epidemic. Pluto co-ruler of Scorpio deals with money, sex and death and that is exactly what we seen during this time.

In 2008/2009, we seen the 1st African-American president elected as well as the Great Recession. This may have been due to the transits of Saturn and Uranus opposing each other. If looking at USA's birth chart, it squares natal Mars. Mars placement in the chart will give an indication of what happened that lead to this.

I haven't spoken much about Jupiter/Pluto connections but before the Great Recession there was a Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in late 2007 which could have meant expanding/growing debt, spending too much money. Remember Jupiter expands anything it touches. Again, this conjunction was opposite Mars.

Now not all Jupiter/Pluto, Saturn/Pluto or Saturn/Uranus aspects will affect the USA or everyone the same. If a transit does not directly touch a personal planet it will not have the same affect. We may feel it but it will be subtle. For example, in 1994 Jupiter was conjunct Pluto at the end of 1994 in late Scorpio, the U.S. does not have any planets at the degrees these two were conjunct. Now that's not to say nothing occurred just nothing that greatly disrupted our economy from this conjunction. This is the year O.J.Simpson was arrested for killing Nicole and Ryan and four people were convicted in the World Trade Center Bombing but this could be due to other transits going on.

Finally 2020, Saturn was conjunct Pluto on January 12th at 22 degrees, USA's natal Pluto is at 27 degrees. China reported the first death from Coronavirus on January 11th. January 20th first case confirmed in the U.S. Around the end of February transiting Saturn makes an exact conjunction to natal USA's Pluto, CDC warns of outbreak in U.S. and the president ask Congress for relief. Things has steadily escalated since that time. The planets are messengers and they were trying to warn of the crisis and possible collapse in the economy.

Saturn will retrograde and conjunct USA's natal Pluto again on August 4, 2020 and the final hit on November 20, 2020. In between this time, Jupiter makes conjunction to Pluto today April 4, June 30 and November 12. Remember what I said above about Jupiter/Pluto in 2007 and how it paved the way for the Great Recession in 2008/2009. Then in 2021, Saturn will square Uranus all throughout 2021, as it did in 2008/2009. Will there be another recession? Or will the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn help to recover from this?

Astrology is about being able to prepare for what's ahead. Helping us to make decisions based on what is going on and how we're being affected. I say all this to say that this virus is here to stay for 2020. Not to say we'll be quarantined this entire year but it's definitely time to think about how these transits are affecting you personally. Do you have planets in late cardinal degrees? What are you being called to tear down and let go of? This is taking an economic toll on a lot of people, how will this change your view of money, how will you save and spend?

Do you have planets or angles in 6-12 degrees of fixed signs, if so, you may be greatly impacted by the Saturn/Uranus transits next year. Figure out what you can do now to prepare for it. You may need to save that stimulus check and start saving $50 per pay. How does this impact how your view of your health and wellness? Do you have health issues that causes you to be at higher risk for this virus? If so, is there anything you can do to change it? How is your marriage or relationship? Being quarantined or separated at this time can put a lot into perspective.

This time is about making significant changes in your life that you probably have ignored like some say this administration has and is now trying to do mitigation. These changes will impact you for the rest of your lives so lets take care of things now before we are forced to.

Be safe everyone

"Astrology is like a kiss, you have to share it to enjoy it"

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