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Final eclipse of 2020: Total Solar Eclipse in Optimistic Sag

2020 is definitely going down in history as one of the hardest years of our lives. This year has been filled with so many twist and turns that had people scared with each passing day. Between the unexpected death of Kobe in the beginning of the year and many other heartbreaking passes this year, the pandemic, racial and social injustice and the election has taken it's toll on everyone. There were 4 Lunar eclipses this year, yes 4. Lunar eclipses are endings and culminations to prepare us for new things. It was so much that needed to brought to the light for things to culminate to get us to this point. We need a new beginning, a fresh start a do-over. Will the Solar Eclipse tomorrow will give us just that?


Let's take a look back at what happened to get us here. I've sat back and wondered what the hell happened with the Solar Eclipse last year that promised so much hope, positivity and success. People were saying Jupiter was with the last Solar Eclipse so there was luck and success coming. I'm sure many of people would not consider this year a lucky year considering everything that has transpired but if we look really hard we can see the growth the last Solar Eclipse promised us. Although a Solar Eclipse brings new energy, inspiration, hope, it doesn't mean it will be easy or without hardships. Even though change is the only constant thing, we still struggle to make changes. Eclipses are there to force that change upon us especially if we don't adhere to it. Change will inevitably happen with eclipses.

December 2019 Solar Eclipse was at 4 degrees Capricorn. The sign of Capricorn indicates structure, government, career, professional achievements, discipline, hard work, etc. This could have meant there will be new beginnings in building new structures, new things in government or there will be career and professional growth. Then Jupiter was conjunct the eclipse so many people thought what a welcomed gift. This eclipse must have mean it would bring luck, success and expansion. What we have to remember is that Jupiter is in it's fallen sign so it's not operating at an optimal level.

Jupiter did magnify the issues within structures, government, career etc so that it can be clearly seen. The eclipse did bring new beginnings to all of these areas in some way just not in the way we thought. The pandemic has shed light on so many things and forced people to start businesses they wouldn't have started, we have a new appreciation for front line workers and teachers, it allowed employers to get more creative in how their employees carried out their job duties, people went back to school during this time, spent more time with family, more than ever people truly realized the meaning of tomorrow is not promised. We realized how important our health is in fighting viruses, diseases and illness, health is wealth. Lastly, the importance of leadership, democracy and issues within government came to the forefront. No matter what side you stand on, you knew how important it was to stand up and speak out for your beliefs, values and freedom. So the Solar Eclipse in December did usher in that energy as promised. Now let's look at what was the trigger point.

The Lunar eclipse had to put this in motion in January 2020. December 2019 eclipse showed us what's to come and the January 2020 eclipse showed us how it was going to come. I recall the January 2020 Lunar Eclipse and reading about Prince Harry and Megan Markle leaving Buckingham Place and giving up their duties and thought wow look at the eclipse at work. I would have never thought this was coming. However, this should have given us all an indication of the change and surprises that would happen in our own back yard. January 2020 Lunar eclipse was in Cancer but instead of it being conjunct Jupiter, like the one in December 2020, it was opposite Saturn and Pluto. Anyone that has personal planets connected to Saturn or Pluto in their chart can understand the intensity with these two planets can be.

Saturn is about structure, control and Pluto is among other things about loss, power and transformation. The structure had to be destroyed in order to transform. This was a battle of power and control, Saturn wants to control things and so does Pluto. We seen that in the U.S. election and even afterwards. When these two planets come together there is tremendous determination to get things done. So much as been destroyed, so much has been lost but there had to be perseverance, patience, leadership, people stepping up and stepping out to rebuild, remold and reshape in order to build or create something new which is what Saturn/Pluto does.

December 2020 Solar eclipse

So now that we've looked back at how to interpret the eclipse a year ago, let's look at what this Solar Eclipse means for 2021. One of the differences between this eclipse and the one in December 2019 is there is no Lunar Eclipse right after the Solar Eclipse. This Solar Eclipse is light after the storm. The Lunar eclipse in November let's us know there are still some things ending and culminating but this time and era is definitely ending and paving the way for a new beginning. It is the idea of waking up at dawn, it's still dark outside (Lunar eclipse) but you still woke up and you know light is coming (Solar Eclipse). This is a turning point, we are at a crossroads. There will be growing pains. It could be some civil unrest in the months to come, if you recall this happened in 1991/1992 when Saturn was last in Aquarius (see below). But change and light is going to come.

But this solar eclipse is in Sag which is about beliefs, truth, seeking, big picture, faith etc. Mercury is with this eclipse so there is an element of gathering information, thinking patterns changing, a new mindset. Neptune is square Mercury which means there could be some confusing information, things not clear, misinterpretations and misunderstandings along the way. Delusions and people just distorting things. So it's really important that you are clear on what you want, fight through the fog and mental laziness. The Solar Eclipse is with the South node so that indicates there is still some release that needs to happen in order to move forward. The South node represents the past and letting go.

This is the time to create or recreate that vision, activate your faith, seek your truth to achieve your goals. Strong Mars in Aries will trine the eclipse which gives energy and courage to accomplish things. There still will be battles to fight but there will stamina to keep the fight going. It is also square Neptune creating this mutable t-square with Mercury. T-squares are drivers and this will push to gather knowledge and pass it on, whether good information or not. This is a restless energy. Collectively, people are going to want change but there will a fight with those who wants things to remain the same. Times are changing and we have to change with it. In a nutshell, this new beginning is about changing the structure of government, society, beliefs and gaining new perspectives about who we are as a humanity and as an individual. We have to adapt to these changes. This Solar Eclipse will directly impact those born December 11ish-December 21ish (have to give a day or so depending on what year you were born).

Saturn in Aquarius and the Great Conjunction

Saturn will finally transit out of Capricorn and into Aquarius, reiterating the theme of change. Aquarius is about community, the greater good, dreams, ideals and principles, social lives and social issues. Saturn will force us to look at the structures and foundations within these areas and call for change. Saturn was in Aquarius from Feb 1991-Jan 1994, a lot happened in those years regarding the issues noted above. There will be significant but necessary changes over the next several years.

The Jupiter Saturn conjunction, considered the Great Conjunction that occurs every 20 years, will magnify these issues and will cause great revolution and shift to catapult these changes. It will occur at O degree Aquarius so this is a critical degree, one of significance 7 days after the Solar eclipse and on the Winter Solstice, December 21st. This conjunction will directly impact those with rising signs, moon signs or born in late Capricorn season or early Aquarius season. There will be massive shift in energy and in your life and definitely in consciousness of the collective. Aquarius wants freedom, equality, friendship, humanitarianism and for your wishes and dreams to come true. Saturn is the planet of karma and time and it will get what it's after.

As you can see, 2019 and 2020 eclipses set up this year to tear down structures and break up foundations, habits and patters that were no longer serving us. So that we can prepare for the shift that is needed in 2021 in order to transform and rebuild. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto has shaken our foundations, rules, structures and beliefs to the core in the sign of Capricorn. We now have to create a new reality. With the demolition that has taken place, you can start anew, dream different, have a bigger vision, bigger faith and inspiration. On December 14, 2020, leading up to the eclipse or within 8 hours afterwards create your vision boards, meditate or visualize what you want, journal, light candles, burn sage say affirmations, pray, say mantras to help usher in the new energy, dream or re-imagined dreams. Change is going to happen, make sure you are ready when it does. Remember, change is a chance for a new opportunity.

Love and Light,



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