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My Journey as a Relationship Astrologer and Relationship Coach

I have been intrigued by people and how they interact with others for as long as I can remember. I often wondered why some relationships work and some don't, why it's easier for someone to find a partner than others and why some people just don't want to be in relationships? Why people sabotage relationships or why they dismiss the "good" guys/girls and why it takes so long for some to find a healthy love? Sex and the City, Girlfriends and the Game are just a few shows that I watched in the past to help me through relationships issues or struggles. More recently, I have been intrigued with shows such as Married at First Sight and Love is Blind. Trying to figure out what drives people to want and be in relationships and why they aren't and help them find the love they are seeking is my life's mission.

It's really not that hard, we're wired for companionship. Now that companionship may look different for different people but we are not meant to be alone. We desire to share our lives, our moments, our love with someone else. The problem is not wanting these things but in not understanding what is keeping us from these things. When I look at someone's astrology profile, I can see patterns that may get in the way of a successful or healthy relationship such as not feeling good enough, being insecure due to looks, finances, having a dominate personality, not willing to compromise etc. People come to me always asking if this is the "one." While we can explore whether this is a good relationship (please see other blog entries about that), we also need to see where this question is coming from. For example, is it because they think every person they date could be the one or do they just want information on how to navigate this person and relationship.

We need to look at old relationship patterns or unlimited beliefs. It is important to see if this person has the same traits as the last person. We typically attract the same type of partners if we are not consciously aware. When people ask if this is the one (trust me I've asked many psychics and astrologers this myself so I understand), this can be an indicator that either they may be insecure and wanting to force a relationship or there are control issues, not always but sometimes. This person could just be coming to make sure they don't waste too much time on the "wrong" person and that's understandable. That's what astrologer are here for!

Another reason for my passion in this is because I didn't realize just how much affect my parents or guardian's relationship dynamics affected me. How these relationship teaches us what love is and isn't. The relationship between a child and parent affects how the child feels and experiences love. There are so many broken men, women and relationships because they have not owned or recognized that the difficulty they have in relationships is due to an image they created in their mind or a limited belief they have due to their upbringing. Our children, society, community would be so much better off if we took the time to understand ourselves and recognize how our choices and behavior affect our children.

Each child is affected by their parents differently. I always explain that the child's chart reflects how they view or experience that parent. For example, two sisters grew up with both parents, one sister has a secure attachment style and the other sister has a anxious attachment style. The one sister with the secure attachment style was the first born of their parent's union so they may have taken the extra time to show this sister love and attention, affection etc. The other sister came at a time when there was a crisis in the family so the emotions were different. I've read that the child starts to develop emotional ques while in the womb. While both sisters were created with love and from a healthy marriage, their births were in totally different environments which is the basis for attachment theory. There is more scientific and astrology theories to this but this is the basis of it. But if we're aware of this as parents, we can make conscious choices to help the child develop better emotional patterns that sets them up for success in life and love.

Lastly, the divorce rate is extremely high or a lot of people are just in unhappy marriages and are staying for the sake of the children. Relationships affects every area of our lives, it affects our well-being, our money, our career and our physical health. When in love, life is great, we thrive and we're happy. When we have arguments or break-up, life seems to fall apart, we can't function in any area of our life. I recall so many times my girlfriends and I would talk about how we were up all night arguing or can't sleep after an argument and we came to work tired or call off work because it was too much emotional stress. I'm not saying going to an astrologer and/or relationship coach is going to take arguments away but it will help you pick a better partner so that there won't be as many arguments, sleepless nights or days of having an inability to function . But it can heal or make whole broken or dysfunctional adults. It will help people to be better parents, create healthy love and thrive in life.

Love and light always,



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