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We really are complex creatures

Since I've been in the house during this quarantine I have really come to understand so many things better and see it at work regarding astrology. My Moon is in Capricorn (and it aspect Saturn whoah double Capricornian stuff) which can mean I'm a loner. I like being alone. When I'm not working, I'm working-working on my astrology, tarot or even Real Estate businesses. Yes I'm an overachiever and I want to build wealth, that's what Capricorns do. However, I'm in the house with a Gemini Moon. Now I love Gemini's, I have Gemini strongly in my chart which is why I have so many interest as you can see above but when I'm chilling at home, I'm comfortable with my Moon stuff.

This has been interesting to see play out because this Gemini Moon always wants to talk, is active, restless etc. Luckily, he has a Sun in Capricorn which kind of helps him settle down but he is a kid so he has not fully embraced his Capricorn Sun yet. I have really tried to be conscious of his Gemini Moon and his need for a variety. He can do 4 things at one time. Some people may criticize and say I let him play too much video games, watch tv or you tube etc but I know my child and what he needs. He plays sports all year round, he is involved in many school activities and gets great grades so yes I let my Gemini Moon be free. As parents you should know your child's Moon sign because that is mostly what they act out as kids.

Anyway, this has made me realize just how important it is to have compatible Moons in a relationship if you want to live together. I knew this before but being home for these last 4 weeks has really put things into perspective. Many times we are all on the go so we may not spend a lot of time at home. Of course a Saturday or Sunday you may be at home but 4 weeks of being with your significant other will definitely test your relationship. I've said this will be a time to make or break some relationships. If you have an incompatible Moon this quarantine can be a challenge. For example, for me to be in the house with a Gemini Moon adult may drive me crazy. I have more patience with my child of course but an adult I may have a hard time tolerating. It will be great for those times I want to activate my Gemini planets but when I want to just relax and be comfortable this could be a problem especially if he does not have Capricorn energy in his chart.

What if you have a Sag Moon and you're in the house with a Virgo or Pisces Moon you will absolutely lose your mind. Sag wants freedom, they want to be outside, watching playing sports, they need to move. Pisces Moon wants to merge and feel and create. These two Moons are a challenge just being in a relationship but then add living together is going to create a hostile environment.

Now I'm not saying it cannot work, many people who have Moons that are incompatible work. It will be important to look at the chart as a whole and see how you can work through it. But it's also important to understand this person and how they operate and look at it from a loving perspective. This is part of their love language. Lets look at the example I gave above for Capricorn Moon and Gemini Moon. One way they may be able to overcome this is to rely on the Gemini Moon connecting to the other person's Mercury in Gemini. Remember I said I have Gemini planets, well my Mercury is in Gemini so if I am with a man that has Moon in Gemini and it connects with my Mercury this will give us a chance to be able to express ourselves emotionally with each other. We will be able to use this to say hey I need this time to myself to work, read or do whatever and there will be understanding between us because of this connection. However, for Moon in Sag and Moon in Pisces, if they don't have planets to connect like above, these can lead to further misunderstandings. Sag may say hey I need to get out and go for a run or to the park and Pisces may wonder why you need space from them, do you not want to be around them. They start fantasizing about this and that and it just turns into a catastrophe.

Not all Moons will work the same way, there are many factors to consider and other possibilities of how this could play out. But all the Moon signs have a core meaning. Capricorns will all want to build on something, an empire, a building, wealth etc. You have to take the whole chart into account. I have 12th house placements as well so my need to be alone is even more pronounced whereas someone else may have 9th house planets and this would give a totally different meaning. I just wanted to talk about how just the Moon signs alone can operate at home and how important it is to understand what is comfortable for the other person whether it's a child, significant other, friend or sibling.


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