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Weekly Astrology January 21-28, 2024

Sun and Pluto are in Aquarius

            Where is Aquarius in your chart? When Sun goes through that house it is highlighting that house for the month. Energy is moving in that area of life. Attention may be called to that area of life. In the first house it will be about your appearance, energy, body, attention on you. In the 6th house, health, routine, work may come into focus. The 8th house may shed light on taxes, other people’s money, astrology, psychological matters. 10TH house will focus on your reputation or status in the world, this could be from work, social media etc. There will need to be other aspects happening, Sun transits alone won’t bring any dramatic changes.

Pluto in Aquarius

With that being said Pluto just entered Aquarius again so this focus will be even more important. Major changes and transformations will be happening in this area of life. You will feel the effects but Pluto will leave again and come back later. You will get a taste of what Pluto will bring for you in this area especially if it is hitting a planet in 0-2 degrees Aquarius, Leo, Taurus or Scorpio. Pluto will transform this house and bring intense experiences. When Pluto enter Capricorn it conjunct my Sun and an angle so it was more intense then and as it was leaving Capricorn because it conjunct my Moon. Between 2008 and 2012, those years were intense and lift changing. My life was altered completely. In 2022 as Pluto was transiting my Moon, it was even more intense. This experience was the most emotionally trying because it was dealing with emotions and feelings that I could not run from. I had to really do some work and soul searching. But because I am familiar with Pluto energy my life was not destroyed so to speak. But it was intense and if you don’t have a grip on life, it can swallow you up. So the effects of the transit is more intense if a planet is involved.

Venus enters Capricorn

Venus is not strong in Capricorn but when it transits the house that has Capricorn in it, it enhances beauty, love and money. In the 1st house, you may feel beauty, change your look, people may compliment you more. In the 7th house, you may get more attraction from potential suitors so get out there and date. Venus in the 2nd could cause you to spend a little more.

Full Moon in Leo

Full Moons are about endings, things culminating. With it being in early Leo this is reiterating the Pluto Aquarius themes already present.

Uranus turning direct

This is important for those that have planets at 19-27 degrees of fixed signs. Taurus will be making it’s final stop for people with planets at 19-23 degrees. The energy is subsiding and final outcomes will be happening if not already. Those with planets 24-27 degrees Uranus will be starting it’s 3 transits over your planets. The first hit, you may notice things heating up but it won’t be until Uranus stations retrograde that the intensity of the energy will pick up. Uranus is breaking free, sudden changes. I met someone under Uranus transit 5 yrs ago, it was hitting a different planet and now Uranus is hitting Venus and I’ve had enough of this relationship. It was a shift that needed to happen. I think the reason it took so long was because Pluto was in the mix as well. I finally realized this is not the connection for me. See my other post about Uranus and Saturn transits.

So let’s buckle up because 2024 is about to take us for a ride.


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