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Pluto transits: The Butterfly Effect

I love butterflies because of what they symbolize. They are so colorful, free, light and graceful. But in order to become a butterfly they had to transform from something so different. In order to become this beautiful species, they have to go through darkness and tremendous change. This is also representative of what Pluto indicates. A quote I read stated, "A butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness and still become something beautiful." This is so true and something for all of us to remember when we have Pluto transits or Pluto aspects in our natal charts.

I feel like I've been going through Pluto transits to my personal planets or points for some time now. Pluto has been in my 7th house since 2012 and it has been a wild ride in the relationship department. A lot of connections seemed to be Plutonian, especially the beginning of the transit to my 7th house. Meaning either that person was literally a Scorpio or I had this death and rebirth experience with or regarding them. I developed a relationship with someone who was a Scorpio and my next relationship was with someone I had previously known but he has Scorpio rising. Both experiences stirred some deep things within me. Let's just say I'm so happy to be pass that time.

I already have Pluto aspecting a personal planet and aspecting my relationship planet so this added transit to my 7th house has sent me on this emotional ride. Now transiting Pluto has been aspecting my natal Moon, making 5 hits and it has been really tough. I'm a very Plutonian person and I never thought I could feel any deeper but this transit has proved me wrong. Many experiences have felt like a death experiences. The losses I've experienced has been really deep and painful. I'm not referring to people dying, while I have experienced deaths during this time, it has not been anything more unusual than any other time. This has been mainly loss of relationships and myself at times. I have felt things very very deeply, I've had a keen sense, I felt everything to my core, everything just seemed to penetrate.

Pluto transits to the Moon creates the most intense emotions of a person's life. There have been these continuous death and rebirth experiences which I'm quite frankly over lol but I'm doing the work. I have no choice. I've recognized unhealthy behavior and attitudes and have tried to work on changing them. A couple of the main themes with Pluto aspects or transits is the feeling of rejection, abandonment and control. These are issues I deal with all of the time because of the natal aspect but it has been felt tenfold since transiting Pluto is conjunct my Moon. I have had countless dating experiences where I felt some feeling of rejection or abandonment. Whether this is actually what has happened is the question. In my heart I felt it was going good, I wanted it to go well but logically I knew it wasn't the right situation. But when the situation ended I still felt this sense of rejection even if I ended things. I really had to work through that and figure out where that was coming from.

At the start of Pluto transiting my Moon I entered counseling. I want to point out that I didn't look at my chart and say ok it is time to do this. It's usually hindsight that I realize these things. I always tell people whether you "believe in astrology" or not, life is still going to happen, the planets are still going to move to show the cycles that are occurring in your life. But I digress, there were a series of events that happened that made me realize I can't keep doing this, something has to change. I don't want to keep walking around allowing all of these experiences and people control my life. So I entered counseling and continued to read, learn and understand my behavior.

Pluto has a way of making you deal with issues that you may have been suppressing. It really wants you to make the changes that are necessary for growth. A part of you has to die with Pluto transits. You won't come out the same. Your awareness and perspective will be different. How you undergo the change is a matter of free will. Things could have been different if I had not gone into counseling or if I didn't already have an understanding of what the Pluto transit represented. Another quote I like is, "awareness is like the sun, when it shines on things, they are transformed." This is why I feel astrology is so wonderful because it brings so much awareness of ourselves and what is happening in our lives. If you do not handle the Pluto or any transit constructively it can be detrimental. The universe is calling attention to a specific area or issue in your life to address so you can lead a more fulfilling and happier life.

Pluto is making it's last transit to my Moon this month. While writing this blog, I realized it left my 7th house yesterday (using the Placidus system). I have let a lot of old people and memories go. Some that I was holding on to for 13 to 15 yrs. I no longer desire those situations nor do I feel any more guilt or frustration behind what happened. I know 100% they cannot go into my future with me and I'm at peace with that. I have had some dating experiences that has opened my eyes to the type of love I do want in my life. Some experiences have made a huge impact and taught me some Plutonian lessons for sure. I have changed my entire perspective on love and relationships during this time. Thinking about what I wanted when this transit first entered my 7th house in my 20s and now being in my 40s, my vision is so different but it took me a long time to make the adjustments which is why I struggled in love and dating.

Pluto going through my 8th is a little scary too but it won't hit a natal planet so I'm not too worried. Many people I know with Pluto or Jupiter in the 8th are millionaires so maybe my life will be transformed if I hit the lottery, at least that's what I'm trying to manifest lol. I know this will be a very spiritual time for me, I will experience the greatest growth and personal transformation of my life but again this is not new to me because I already have aspects to Pluto in my chart. But I will have access to more metaphysics, psychic or spiritual understandings. Pluto is at home in the 8th house so it is strong and powerful here. It will be in this house until 2036 or 2043 in the whole house system. There are many arguments to the different systems, I use both. When this entered the whole sign 7th house in 2008 my life did change forever, I had a child days prior so my life was transformed. By the time it entered my 7th house in the Placidus system I had already had two major breakups in a year period, whew those were some wild times lol. As you can see both can indicate some important events.

Look to see where Pluto is transiting in your chart. Look to see if it is hitting any natal planets or will hit it. It is best to start tackling any Pluto issues prior to the Pluto transit if you can. Many people are afraid of Pluto or Saturn transits if they don't have them in their natal charts. There is nothing to fear especially if you're already doing the work. Here are some examples of Pluto transits:

Brad Pitt won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor when Pluto was conjunct his Venus

Another person got married and had a baby when Pluto was conjunct her Moon

A woman entered a career field that changed her life, something she had been wanting when Pluto opposed her Sun

Someone lost their estranged husband during a Pluto transit to their Sun

A woman had a miscarriage during Pluto transit to her Moon

Julia Roberts began her career as an actress when she inherited $29,000. Transiting Pluto was conjunct her Sun

Remember Pluto transits are not surprising so all of these occurrences are areas people had been working on. Pluto is calling for a metamorphosis. It's time to change the narrative, your circumstances and your perspective. After Pluto transits the hope is that you can rise out of the ashes like a phoenix and fly like a butterfly. Life can be beautiful once you emerge again. I leave you with this quote, "Nothing happens until the pain of remaining the same outweighs the pain of change."

Love and light,



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