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As of yesterday at 12:38pm, it is officially VIRGO SEASON. 2016 should have been or will be a big year for Virgos, there is a lot happening if you were born during this season or have planets in the sign of Virgo. Let me tell you a little about Virgos, they are reserved, analytical, intelligent, helpful, detail-oriented; they are the servers of the zodiac. Many Virgo people are either neat freaks or very messy (organized mess though). They pay meticulous attention to detail.They try to bring order out of chaos. Health, organization and routine are important to these individuals. If they are critical or nagging just know they really do love you. They express their love by doing things for you, they are the Acts of Service of the 5 Love Language people. Virgos are great lovers because of their close attention to you, if you say you like a spot or if you give any hint you like something trust me a Virgo will fulfill your wish because they want to please you. They want to be perfect and be the perfect lover. Yes, Virgos are associated with purity but don't get it twisted no Virgo that I know can wear white down the aisle and nothing about them says pure in the sense of being a

There may be many life changing things happening in your life. First and foremost Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck is in the sign of Virgo. Jupiter is about blessings and growth. So this year should be filled with blessings, you know they say there is a blessing after the storm and Virgos may need that. It won't be in Virgo for much longer so enjoy it while you can.

Saturn in Sag is squaring or will square your Virgo Sun this year. This could mean feelings of being blocked or feeling like you're at a stand still, there is an inner struggle of some sort.

Neptune is in Pisces, directly opposite your Virgo sun or planet. Now Neptune will be in Pisces for a while so it may not hit you just yet but it will and this planet can cause confusion, frustration, uncertainty if not handled well. Remember we all have Virgo somewhere in our chart so we are all being impacted on some level, some more than others. For example, Virgo is on my 4th house of home, roots with Jupiter going through it. This would be a good time for real estate investment or career or to start a home based business and viola! Here I am...Also just because you are a cancer or scorpio does not mean you don't have any Virgo planets. Inbox me for more information. The information above is just general information but I can give you very specific insight. Hope to talk to you soon!

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