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Mars: It's more to it than just sex

I want to talk a little about the planet Mars. I think that is a neglected planet but it is so vital to you fulfilling your desires sexually, physically and spiritually. If you read the cookbook it will say Mars is the planet of sex and anger well that is true but Mars is the planet of ambition. It is what lights a fire up under us and propels us to our goals. It is how we pursue what we want to achieve in life. It spells out your will to act, your motivation and where you spend your energy.

For example, a person with Mars in Gemini will spend a lot of time learning, reading, communicating, studying and trying to figure things out. A Mars in Capricorn are workaholics and a Mars in Leo will do things where they towards looking good, creating lasting impressions and being leaders. What we also have to look at is where is Mars located in the chart, that will color how Mars will act. There are 12 houses that represent each area of life. For instance, the Mars in Capricorn person will work towards building something, being a leader in something, if it is in the 2nd house it may be building finances, or value or self worth or their value in themselves or their motivation will be tied to money or values. If it is in the 7th there will be a focus on building relationships or they get their energy from others in relationships. If in the 12th they get their energy or motivation from being alone or spirituality.

Now for the fun stuff Mars in Gemini likes to talk during sex, you have to make love to their mind, or they fantacize before sex. Mars in Leo will put on a show for you in the bedroom, they will definitely work towards being the best you've ever had. Mars in Capricorn don't have fireworks but their love making is strong and steady. There are a lot of things that need to be considered when looking at any planet in a chart but this is a start and I hope it gets you to thinking and curious enough to find out. Let me know if you want more information that will help propel you into your future.

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