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2019 Aquarius Horoscope

These are only brief sun sign horoscopes it does not take into account your moon, venus, mars, self/relationsip, career or destiny points. You would need a personal reading to determine that. There could also be decisions or effects from last year that will manifest this year. For example, Megan Markle is a Leo, however her self (ascendant) sign is cancer and her relationship point is Capricorn. Last year, there was a solar eclipse and the north node on her sun sign in Jan. 2018 indicating a big year for her (she married in May). There was a solar eclipse in July 2018 which is probably when she conceived or within a month or 2 of that. There will be a lunar eclipse in July 2019 that will wrap up events from the solar eclipse in July 2018, hence a royal baby on the way.

Another example is Brad Pitt, he is a Sag. In 2005, Pluto was on his sun. There were big changes ahead for him. Circumstances and relationships were going to end but it was a path to a new beginning. His marriage ended to Aniston and he began a relationship with Jolie. Saturn was also going over his Venus sign indicating there would be hard times in his marriage/relationship and if it wasn’t strong it wouldn’t withstand the hardship. Oddly enough, when Brad married Jolie there were no major eclipses or transits, probably because they had already been living as a married couple. But when Pitt married Jennifer in July 2000 there was an eclipse on his Venus and the nodes were going over it as well which tells the astrologer significant changes for his love life. By March 2017, Saturn was going over Pitt’s Sun indicating another life changing year. Some decisions could be made that will change the direction of his life. At this time, he was in the middle of divorce proceedings.

I gave these examples so you could see that there are so many other points in your chart that could be impacted that could have life changing effects. The only way you would know is to look at your birth chart or have an astrologer look at yours specifically. The interpretations below are just for SUN SIGNS ONLY. I’m almost positive if it says there are no major events for you this year for your sun sign, if you get a chart it will be lit up with other things going on. Look at the dates you were born and read that passage. The passages before indicates what you already experienced for that sign or if it’s after, it will come next year. If you know your Ascendant or Moon sign, I encourage you to read those signs as well. Call me or email me for more information.

Aquarius (Depending on the year you were born the starting dates can fluctuate within a day or two)

Jan. 20-Jan 26

There could definitely be some major life changing events for this group. You may have experienced it, if not, you may start to see the effects in the next couple of months. It doesn’t mean it’s bad changes, it just depends on your ability to adjust. There could be changes in the family, bad relationship or marriage ending, a move, etc. Yes all those things can cause sadness and pain but it is urshering a fresh start, a new beginning. This is a culmination of something that started in the summer of last year. Maybe things are finally coming to a close, the decisions have been made and this is the stamp being put on it.

This could be a time where unexpected events will test your ability to withstand change and stay on course. This has been going on for some time now. This is a time where you may question your plans or desires. You may recognize that there is an obstacle preventing you from doing what you set out to do and you may have to break free from that whether it is a job, relationship, friends, etc. Things can be disruptive or unexpected you just have to withstand the obstacles to obtain to success you are seeking. For example, maybe you took a job in a new city, state or even country. It may be hard for you because it’s new, you may question what you are doing here? The culture could be different and while you may have welcomed the new scenery, your new life, it comes with some adjusting. Maybe you didn’t welcome it, maybe your spouse had to take a job that relocated the family. This will be a harder adjustment. The universe is testing your ability to embrace these changes whatever they may be. Maybe this move made you realize how poor your relationship with your spouse has been, maybe it causes you to be more free without the scrunity of your family and friends around and now you can do what you’ve always wanted to do but been afraid to. Pay attention to your health. This energy is all about being free and being free to express yourself. If you are not doing that and suppressing that energy it could manifest itself through the body. It is important for you to take heed to the changes and circumstances that need changing or revitalized.

Jan 27-Feb 18

No major issues this year for your sun sign this year. Venus your love planet could be affected causing issues for your love life or depending on the day and time you were born, your Moon sign could be impacted causing changes with family, home, or mother. There are at least three other points in a chart that could be greatly impacted and cause many changes in your life that is why it is important to get a personal horoscope to find out more.

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